Get Naijatownwatch For Android and iOs Devices

cropped-ntw.jpgWe at Naijatownwatch have brought ease of access to our fans
We Created a mobile app for our fans that uses android and ios..
Now you can:
1. Get Notifications from your mobile
2. Download Pictures, Musics and Videos from the podcast section
3. Share news and entertainment info’s via Facebook, twitter, whatsapp or other social platforms available on your mobile.
Features of Naijatownwatch v1.1
1. Uses a small space on your device [10.32MB]
2. Easy to use.
3. Has different views [tiles, grid, list, card magazine] for your convinience
4. Easy sharing

Download Below

Image result for Get Our app for ios

Or Scan Qr Code Below:

For Android

Card (phone, email, web) Double-Sided standard business cards (Pack of 100)

If You Find This App Useful, Do not hesitate to share it to your friends and Families… Thank You


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