Iphone 7 Is Finally Here: Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Latest Flagship Phone

The iPhone 7 is here people! Apple has just showed
off its latest flagship iPhone at its annual September
event in the US. Most of the rumours that have been
circulating about what the iPhone will look like and
what features it will have just been confirmed!
Yes, people. Just like we have been hearing, the new
iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. If
you’re buying the new iPhone 7, your music needs
will be sorted with new lightning earbuds in the box
or the company’s new wireless AirPods. However,
you will still be able to use your old headphones
because Apple is also including a dongle that
connects to the iPhone 7.
The design is also like the rumours and renders have
been predicting. The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will
have a redesigned antenna different from the one on
the iPhone 6s and 6S Plus. It would seem that the
idea is to clean up the back of the iPhone a bit more
enhancing its simplistic design and ensuring the
almost bare back looks even less busy.
The Home button has already been redesigned and
Apple says it is now “customizable”. Like the
rumours have been suggesting, the new Home button
is not clickable like on the 6s but force sensitive with
haptic feedback just like on the latest MacBooks and
the Apple Watch.
New for the iPhone 7 is a new IP67 rating which
means it is both water – up to 30 minutes in 1 meter
of water – and dust resistant.

In terms of camera power, the iPhone 7 comes with
Optical Image Stabilization on all models, a new
sensor [60% faster, 30% more efficient], and a new
image processor. Apple also says the new iPhone
camera will be able to take better low-light photos and
it will have a f/1.8 aperture, six-element lens, Quad-
LED True Tone flash, an Apple-designed ISP, and a
wide color gamut.
The iPhone 7 Plus on the other is another ball game
entirely. It will come with all the goodies in the iPhone
7 but it will have dual lenses instead of which one will
be a wide-angle lens while the other will be a
Telephoto lens. The two lenses will also be used for
zooming – not digital zoom like current iPhones have
– and the phone will use the second Telephoto lens to
take very crisp close shots. The camera app on the
iPhone 7 Plus will also have a “Depth Effect” feature
that allows you put the subject in the forefront in
focus and blur the background scene. The feature will
come as a free software update when the iPhone 7
Plus hits shelves later this year.

The new iPhone also has new Retina HD displays that
have the same resolution as the iPhone 6s but is 25%
brighter. This helps the new iPhone get a two-hour
battery boost over the iPhone 6s.
Apple’s latest flagship will also be more powerful than
the iPhone 6s. It will have a new A10 “Fusion” chip
that is more efficient and powers all the wireless
AirPod stuff, make the new iPhone faster, and offer
“console-level” gaming power on the new iPhone.
Another interesting feature is that storage options on
the new iPhone now start at 32GB. Other available
options will be 128GB and 256Gb variant.
Finally, the iPhone 7 will cost $649(approx. N204597) (just like the
iPhone 6s when it was launched) while the iPhone 7
Plus will cost $769(approx. N242427). Pre-orders for the phones will
start on September 9, and the phones will be shipped
starting from September 16. The Apple AirPods will
cost $160 but will not be available till late October and
iOS 10 will be available from September 13.


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