Latest android Mtn Simple Server Cheats + Auto proxy 5GB (no imei tweaking required)

Some people complain that this little tweak
isn’t working out well for them , some think
it has been blocked by MTN , but i’m gona
prove to you that its working.
Without much waste of time , lets proceed..
Firstly download simple server & auto proxy
to your android phone (you can search them
on google) then you follow this steps.

1. Goto your phone Configuration settings,
and configure your phone thus:-
Apn type: default
Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web
After doing all this,
2. Open your Auto proxy and configure it
Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080
Proxy type: HTTP
Proxy username: web
Proxy password: web
Then back or save it
3. Lunch your simple server and configure it
Listen port: 8080
Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080
Enable proxy: Yes
Injection method: GET
Injection query/url: http://
Injection host:
Injection line: tap your enter key 4times
Enable injection: Yes
Buffer size: 8092
Concurrent connections: 10
Log level: DEBUG
After configuring all this , you load #100 in
your mtn line and dail *216*10# ,
You will recieve a welcoming message from
mtn ignor it..
Now On your Data connection , lunch simple
server press the “start” button ,Goto auto
proxy and click connect.
Enjoy your free browsing + Download
Drop your comment if you encounter any


3 thoughts on “Latest android Mtn Simple Server Cheats + Auto proxy 5GB (no imei tweaking required)

  1. I only attempted it. The 3CX softphone won’t operate without also
    installing the 3CX program, and the “program” will not install without a static public ip-address, so
    I did not finish setup of the program. I did
    complete installation of the client, and truly it doesn’t
    work on all alone. Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears like it is designed to be its committed VoIP program, ,
    not a stand alone consumer that will work with any VoIP system.


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