10 Benefits of Being Ugly As A Lady



I have seen many articles on the merits attached to being a beautiful and an adorable lady, so I decide to come up with this counter thread.

To a broad view, beauty and ugliness have its good and derogatory sides, and I trust that many of us must have read so many write-ups about the favour, undisputed attention and preferential treatments beautiful ladies often receive.

As a general rule, they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but let’s not deceive ourselves; the eyes of the beholder or not, it does not change the fact that some ladies are below the beauty level. (Can a dwarf be regarded as a tall person?)

Note: This is not a generalization of ugly ladies, but an average sizable number of them.

Lemme keep the ball rolling 8)

10 Benefits of Being Ugly As A Lady

1. Higher Chances Of Virginity Retention Till Marriage

This may be true but not so true. Though ugliness is not a determinant of a keeping one’s virginity or abstain from s*x, but to a minimum extent, when a lady is extraordinary ugly, she’s most like not to be the chase of kitty-cat obsessed guys flooding every street, hence, making her lack the opportunity of getting laid

2. Less Promiscuous

When a lady is very ugly/not pretty, there’s high probability that she will have few number of toasters stalking her both online and offline, and this might make her stay focused in her academics and other things, unlike beautiful ladies on campuses who are being swayed and distracted by the chases from their fellow students or lecturers, hence, making them lose focus in their academic pursuit.

3. High Chances of Finding True Love

This is to say that any guy that asks her for a relationship see beyond the mere look of a lady, and he’s likely to love her against all odds even though his friends castigate him saying “so na that sukurat wey no even fine u dey date now?, you fall our hand ooo” This reminds me of the way Makinde rebuked me when I asked a lady with a terrible tribal mark on her face on a date

4. She May Not Have Trust Issues In Her Relationship

Since her boyfriend knows deep down in his mind that his girlfriend is not in any way pretty, he might be in Abuja while she’s in Zamfara, he need not worry about someone else bleeping his girlfriend. 😀

5. Well Cultured/Behaved

Yoruba adage says, “if a lady is not pretty, at least she should be well cultured/behaved so that people can see beyond her looks. From this adage, we can deduce that, to a large extent, ugly ladies are somewhat well cultured/behaved (though not all), unlike pretty ladies who are stereotyped to be pompous and proud

6. Little Or No Gold Digging Habit

My research and findings have shown that not so pretty ladies barely gold-dig guys, because the chances is very slim. Many at times, money is not their criteria for choosing a guy

7. Financial Benefits

A beautiful girl financial approach is more likely to be turned down unlike that of an ugly girl. The suffering is already hidden behind the beauty, but even if an ugly girl is financially stable and she tells you the opposite, you’d believe cos the look itself is already poor

8. Less Spending

An ugly girl is less concerned about her looks/body, unlike like beautiful girls, who are always conscious about their faces, skin colour, etc. Some ugly girls even save more that beautiful girls. They’ve got plans of doing other things with money rather than spending it on their looks and perishable parameters. A beautiful girl can even go hungry just to keep the beauty going

9. Public Stare

An ugly is free from public stare cos no one would wanna keep staring at an unpleasant front and back side. They move freely, unlike the beautiful ones who are always scared of going out cos of the stare/public harassment. Reminds me of a beautiful girl in high heels shoe. The public stare was unbearable for her, she mistook a step, and fell flat to the ground. What an embarrasement! At such, ugly girls gat no worries. They are free to do the ”Naomi Campbell” walk without people staring

10. Feel free to add the last one

I drop my pen at this point

Oyah keep throwing chairs and stones

Runs out !!

Have fun


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