Create a eBook for your JAVA mobile

Hello my dear NTW friends,

Many of us like reading books. But due to many circumstances we are generally use electronic media for reading ebooks.
Most of the user having use their mobile to read their books. we especially like .jar format for java mobile instead of a pdf for lack of phone capability.

This thread especially designated to those user who were used to read the book in their phone with java app, i.e. ebook in .jar format.

After lots of hard work, i have been modified a app for you guyz.

Tools required to make a .jar ebook

1) The Modified .jar application (This has been attached to my post)
2) your books data, i.e content in a notepad file (need only a text file)

What to do to make a .jar ebook

1) you just need to place the data file into the application modified by me. (you have to modified your text file name and extension, i.e. rename as “data” and remove the file extension and save as a “data file”)
remove .zip from data file during download. its not a regular zip file !

Please Note That, this is a ready-made eBook, i have already entered forum rules as the content of this eBook. You need to just make a data file of your content and have to insert the data into this application, it will ask replace file, choose yes and you are done.

** The step by step guide has been shown below for your reference **
1) Download the eBook Creator by sMn.jar file
2) now you have to create a “data file” of your book content with the file name “data.txt”. Be sure that you have been created a data file, otherwise your app will not work. I have been created some images, the steps to be done one by one

– Your main file, where you have been updated your book content.

– Remove your file extension “.txt” and make it a normal “data” file

– After removing the file extension the file will looks like this image.

** Now the main problem is due to systems default setting some pc or laptop will not showing the file extension after any file name. Then you need to do some changes in folder view settings, and then you will be able to view and edit the file extension easily.

– This image is shows the comparison between before making changes in folder view settings and after                                                                              making changes.

– Open any folder, and then click on organize >> then choose folder and search options (This is only                                                                                for windows 7 and 8, and if you are using xp or earlier version of windows, open folder >> go to                                                                                    tools menu >> folder options

– Now click on View tab >> And deSelect / uncheck / remove tick  from “Hide extensions for known file                                                                              types” >> Click on Apply >> Choose “OK”

** Done then you can edit the file extension easily



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