10 amazing bits of future movie tech that already exist

The future movie tech that’s already here

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Acid trip ideas from the tall-towers of Hollywood-executive offices usually don’t make it any further than the silver screen. But when they do, when they do, boy howdy – they’re exciting.

Real life science is always aping the brain farts of Californian movie producers and, on occasion, the boffins produce the goods. We live in an exciting time when the fantasies of our childhood are starting to become a reality. Alright, we haven’t seen radioactive arachnids or time stopping devices (yet), but we have dipped our hands into the magic hat of robotics and pulled out bionic arms and self assembling robots.

Smartphones can now actually do most of the wildly inaccurate tasks Jack Bauer expected his mobile phone to do in 2001, and the US army wants to have a genuine crack at making Iron Man. Imagine if the US army – or anyone else for that matter – attempted to make a robotic exoskeleton suit 50 years ago? It probably would’ve looked like something out of The Wizard of Oz. A man, quite literally in a large tin. But in 2013, we can expect something a lot more mouth watering. Here we look at the top 10 movie tech that made it to real life.


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